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Your Business. Your Choices.

Your company is unique, and you need unique talent to thrive. At Recruiting Choices, we understand the intricacies of finding the right candidate for the job. We specialize in IT, Healthcare, and Law Enforcement staffing, but our network extends across industries. Let us take the stress and uncertainty out of your recruitment process.

Our 11-Step Process for Delivering Premium Opportunities

Our unique, eleven-point process ensures we deliver a well-vetted selection of candidates that fit your company culture and job requirements. Quality is our priority.

Role Call

Gather all details about the role (culture, rate, Job Description, etc.)

Job Boards

Posting to over 50 different job boards, and Proactive outreach - Utilizing our networks, groups, social media, local schools etc.

Proactive Outreach

Utilizing our networks, groups, social media, local schools etc.

Resume Check

Matching the Job's must have skills to resume

Video Screen

Make sure the candidate is well-spoken, matches company culture


Create a detailed profile of the candidate

Candidate short-listing

LinkedIn, Resume and Interview prep

Schedule Interview

Coordinate times, and send out event to include all details

Follow Up

Interview Follow-Up with Candidates and Clients

Support Onboarding

Background checks, offer letter execution, first-day checklists, etc.

Ongoing Support

Reminders of the first day, check-ins, etc.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Match?

Stop spending your valuable time sifting through stacks of resumes. Let Recruiting Choices streamline your hiring process. Schedule a call with us today, and let's develop a strategy tailored to your company's unique needs. We're not just another staffing service - we're your strategic recruiting partner. Feel the relief of knowing we're working tirelessly on your behalf to secure the best talent for your business.